R2F Lure Kits

R2F Lure Kits
R2F Lure Kits

Ready2Fish® Lure Kits feature all the best lures for the most popular species – just add the rod, reel and water. Kits include Bass, Panfish, Trout and Walleye. These are great starter kits that offer a good variety of species appropriate baits for various fishing conditions.


Kits are matched to our most popular R2F® combos.


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Features & Specifications


R2F Lure Kits

  • BASS1 includes swirltail grubs, worms, lizards, a 4” plastic jerk bait, pre-rigged baits and rigging accessories.
  • BASS2 includes tubes, grubs, rubber minnows, Lizards, curl tail worms, ribbon tail worms, jigheads, worm hooks and sinkers.
  • PNFISH (Panfish) includes pre-rigged grubs, panfish tubes, and minnows, unrigged grubs, panfish tubes and minnows and jig heads.
  • TROUT includes maribou jigs, rubber trout worms, inline spinner, grubs, and terminal tackle including worm hooks and split shot sinkers.
  • WLEYE (Walleye) includes swirltail grubs, swim baits, pre-rigged baits and jigheads.
  • WLEYE3 (Walleye) includes pre-rigged grubs and paddle tail minnows, unrigged grubs and paddle tail minnows.

    R2F Lure Kits

    R2FK2-BASS1 Bass
    R2FK2-BASS2 Bass
    R2FK2-PNFISH Panfish
    R2FK2-TROUT Trout
    R2FK2-WLEYE Walleye
    R2FK2-WLEYE3 Walleye